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Thermal Imaging Service

Thermal Imaging Service in Atlanta

Did you know that you can perform electrical inspections by using thermal camera imaging? A thermal imaging electrical inspection uses infrared and thermal scans to inspect electrical systems in a home. Pretty cool, right? This type of thermal imaging is performed by an experienced electrician such as Quality Electricians of Atlanta. Give us a call today for thermal imaging service in Atlanta!

Thermal imaging helps to provide you with electrical maintenance while allowing our team to become much more accurate with their findings. If there is something that seems to be off even just a little bit, the thermal imaging camera will catch it.

Thermal imaging uses video and thermal cameras to create an image for anything you may need. Using infrared radiation from the object you are scanning, you see things such as temperature. This kind of technology has allowed us to provide our customers with thermal imaging service in Atlanta, and it comes with a lot of major perks, such as detecting electrical issues with thermal imaging cameras. Let’s learn more.

Detecting Electrical Issues with Thermal Imaging Camera

When it comes to using thermal imaging services for electrical inspection, the thermal camera will pick up the following things:

  • Hot spots: Sometimes in electrical wiring, things can get overheated. Thermal imaging services show Quality Electricians of Atlanta where hot spots are in your wiring. If the camera detects a hot spot or recent hot spots, our team can put in proper solutions to fix that issue.
  • Overloaded circuits: It’s no surprise that circuits get overloaded sometimes. Since you aren’t an electrician, you may not notice these things. With a thermal imaging electrical inspection in Atlanta, our team will find any overloaded circuits before it’s too late.
  • Faults: Depending on the age of your home, you may run into some faults in your electrical wiring. Lucky for you, thermal cameras pick up on these faults so your electrician can fix them immediately.
  • Faulty connections: Again, depending on the age of your home, you may run into faulty connections in your wiring. If these connections are behind a wall, your electrician may not be able to find them. But thanks to thermal cameras, they can find them in no time.
  • Open circuits: Another thing thermal imaging cameras can pick up on is open circuits. Quality Electricians of Atlanta will simply shoot the camera at your wiring and be shown an open or closed circuit.

Thermal Imaging Electrical Inspection in Atlanta

Are you looking for a thermal imaging electrical inspection in Atlanta? Have you been hearing how people are detecting electrical issues with thermal imaging cameras? Are you looking for thermal imaging services and you don’t know who to call? The solution is simple – Quality Electricians of Atlanta offers everything you need when it comes to electrical services. From thermal imaging services in Atlanta to thermal imaging electrical inspection in Atlanta, our team does it all! Call our office today to learn more or schedule your appointment with one of our insured electricians.

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